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Q1:When is the main library opened?

Ans.:Please refer to the Library Hours. Hours for the winter / summer vacation will be announced separately. Any particular announcement will be posted on the notice board and library website.

Q2:Where are the main library and the medical library?

Ans.:The main library is located in the Cheng-Kung campus, and it is close to the gate beside Hsiao-Tung Road.
The medical library is located opposite the main library, across Hsiao-Tung Road. It occupies the first floor of the medical college that is located in the Chien-Kuo campus.
Please refer to Location.

Q3:Can new graduate students apply for a library card before they set a student ID?

Ans.:New graduate students are welcome to apply for a temporary library card at the Circulation Desk. The temporary library card will be replaced when the student ID is ready to be used.
Please refer to Graduate students, Graduate students temporary library card.

Q4:Can the general public access the library and bring personal belongings into the library?

Ans.:The general public at or over the age of16 can obtain a valid ID with photo to exchange a temporary visitor card to enter the library. The general public is not allowed to bring in any books except for blank papers (A4 size, not more than 10 pages), bags smaller than B5 size, and laptop.
Please refer to Accessing the Library, and Lockers.

Q5:How can I get my ID card back if I lose my temporary visitor card?

Ans.:If the temporary visitor card is missing, the user will be charged a NT$ 200 processing-fee to get back the ID card

Q6:How to apply an alumnus library card?

Ans.:Please refer to Alumni Library Card.

Q7:Can I use the mobile phone in the library?

Ans.:Readers can only use the mobile phone in the copy room of each floor.

Q8:Can the readers bring food or beverage into the library?

Ans.:No food or beverage is allowed in the library except for water.

Q9:Does the library offer library tour, and does visitor need permission to take photos during the tour?

Ans.:The library offers library tours. The tour should be booked in advance, and the reservation can be made a week before the visiting date by e-mail, telephone (campus extantion 65766), or in person.
Visitors need library permission beforehand to take photos during the tour. However, please beware of the portrait right.
Please refer to Library Tour.

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