• For the purpose of teaching

    Within a reasonable scope, where internal reference of a work of another person which has already been publicly released is necessary, the work may be reproduced as teaching materials provided that the source is referenced, and the type and use of the work and the volume and method of reproduction does not prejudice the interests of the economic rights holder.(According to Article 46 of the Copyright Act)

  • For the purpose of personal research

    Patrons can use the facilities located in the Library to reproduce (copy, print, scan or duplicate) within a reasonable scope and for nonprofit purposes a part of a work that has been publicly released, or a single article from a seminar paper or a single article from a periodical that has been publicly released, provided that the copy is limited to one copy per person.(According to item 1 , Paragraph One of Article 48 and Article 51 of the Copyright Act) For class or personal use, please use copyrighted textbooks (including second-hand books). Do not scan, photocopy, download, or upload any copyrighted works without the copyright owner’s permission to avoid infringing the copyrights of others.

  • What is fair use of a work

    According to Paragraph one of Article 65 of the Copyright Act, fair use of a work shall not constitute infringement on economic rights in the work. That is, the exploitation of a work within a reasonable scope is permitted without the permission of the copyright owner.

  • What is fair use within a reasonable scope

    There is no border line in the Copyright Act with regard to the range of “fair use within a reasonable scope”.It is determined on a case by case basis. According to Article 65 of the Copyright Act, the following facts shall be noted as the basis for determination:

    • The purposes and nature of the exploitation, including whether such exploitation is of a commercial nature or is for nonprofit educational purposes.
    • The nature of the work.
    • The amount and substantiality of the portion exploited in relation to the work as a whole.
    • Effect of the exploitation on the work's current and potential market value.

  • Restricted permissions for the use of electronic resources

    Patrons shall follow the rules which have been set forth in the NCKU Library E-resources Use Regulations while using electronic databases, electronic journals and ebooks of the NCKU Library. Systematic or programmatic downloading of the licensed materials is prohibited. It will not only infringe on the reputation rights of the University but also prevent access by the majority of responsible users to information needed for their research and learning. Do not download, repost, or share any works protected by copyright without the authority of the copyright owner via the internet (including search engines, social media, e-commerce platforms, etc.) to avoid accusations of copyright infringement.

  • Patrons shall follow the regulations of the intellectual property rights, and be aware not to be in breach of the rules. Any violations committed shall assume personal legal responsibility.
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