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In order to give back to the regular users and readers of the library, starting from the first launch of the Theme Book Fair in 91st Anniversary (2022) of the University, all faculty and students of the NCKU can apply for the "DVIP Card" to obtain special benefits of the library! You’ll get a stamp of digital certified as long as participate in lectures or activities in the NCKU Library, log in to the website of NCKU GE after the event to write your experience, and collect 10 stamps within one year after obtaining the stamp for the first time, that will do apply for the "DVIP Card" to obtain special benefits of the library!

Stamp of Digital Certified

  • 1.Service of In-library Pickup Books at I Desk(Up to 5 books at a time)
  • 2.Priority is Given to Reserved Seats for Final Exams.
  • 3.Film Appreciation at Group Viewing Room(Up to twice a month)
  • 4.Fill NCKU Library Application Form for Urgent Cataloging Request(3 volumes each in Chinese and Western languages per semester)
  • 5.Recommend 3 Additional Volumes in Chinese or Western Languages(one-off)
  • 6.Monthly Reader Recommendation at Book Zone (Those who have this card can recommend books on display)
Important Notes
  • Eligible : Restricted to faculty and students.
  • Card Term: the student's term until graduation, Faculty members are counted for 2 years from the activation of the card.
  • Expiration processing: Graduation or expiration of the use period to redeem a library commemorative badge.

After collecting 10 stamps of digital certified, please contact Mr. Tsai, Extension Services Division / Library 2F (ext. 65793)

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