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Purpose of Service

In order to encourage NCKU scholars to publish their research results in open access journals, to promote academic development, and to improve the international visibility of authors and NCKU research.

Content of Service

The subsidies mentioned above are subject to one paper per person per year as the upper limit. The subsidy service will be provided in accordance with the amount of budget subsidy for the current year, and will be examined and processed by the order of application.

Object of Application

Faculty or researchers who meet the university’s methods for appointing teachers, the methods for the appointment and promotion of researchers, and the methods for setting up clinical teachers in medical schools.

Conditions of Application
  • (i) The article types of the subsidized funds are limited to "original article" and "review article", excluding "letter to editor" and "proceedings paper", etc. However, the library reserves the right to review.
  • (ii) Maximum subsidy of NTD$ 20,000 : The research results must be published in an open access journal and accomplish with 1 of following conditions: the journal must be listed in journal impact factor quartile Q1 or with impact factor score greater than 4 in the Journal Citation Reports(JCR) database, the most recent three-year score available in JCR is applicable. And the subsidy applicant does not act as the host of the National Science and Technology Council(NSTC) subsidy research project in the current year, or only hosts 1 subsidy research project and the funding for the current year is less than NTD$ 1.5 million (inclusive).
  • (iii) –Maximum subsidy of NTD$ 50,000 : The research results must be published in an open access journal with impact factor score greater than 15 in the Journal Citation Reports(JCR) database. If the subsidy applicant hosts the National Science and Technology Council(NSTC) subsidy research project in the current year, the sum of funding for the current year is less than NTD$ 3 million (inclusive).
  • (iii) The applicant must be the first author or the corresponding author of the paper.
  • (iv) The applicant must list the full name of our university (National Cheng Kung University) as the author affiliation; and the subsidy will be given priority if the university school name is listed as primary affiliation.
  • (v) When publishing a paper, it is recommended to add the following text: The research was supported in part by Higher Education Sprout Project, Ministry of Education to the Headquarters of University Advancement at National Cheng Kung University (NCKU).
  • (vi) The applicant must agree to assist the library to publicize relevant subsidy information and brief summary (within 150 words) of research output on related library websites.
Application Method
  • (i) The research paper must be accepted by the journal and completed payment process before submitting an application.
  • (ii) Library only accepts papers that have paid the article processing charge (APC) for the current year; cross-year applications will not be accepted.
  • (iii) Deadline for receiving applications prevails on the library website announcement.
  • (iv) After completing the application form, together with the following documents, submit it in hard copy to the Library Knowledge Service Division during office hours from Monday to Friday. The attached documents should be marked “a true and correct copy of the original document” and signed.
    • 1. Letter of acceptance of the paper
    • 2. Full article
    • 3. The publisher invoice for the Article Processing Charge.
    • 4. The Approved list of the National Science and Technology Council(NSTC) subsidy research project. (No project to omit)
    • Proof of payment
      • (1) Submit relevant documents certifying the actual amount of NTD expenditures, and apply for reimbursement at the actual daily exchange rate; those who pay by credit card can apply for reimbursement at the credit card settlement exchange rate.
      • (2) If unable to submit documents in the actual amount of NTD, the completed payment documents shall be attached, and the expenditures can be calculated at the spot exchange rate by selling, the historical closing rate of the foreign exchange transaction of the Bank of Taiwan, on the date of payment. If Bank of Taiwan unable to provide the spot exchange rate by selling of the currency, the cash exchange rate will be used as the basis.
      • (3) If applying for multiple subsidies, applicant can allocate reimbursement expenses. The maximum amount of the reimbursement is dependent on the condition of application. Other subsidies can be applied first, but the purchase requisition (printed directly from the NCKU accounting system, the verification procedure is unnecessary) shall be attached with expense allocation form when applying reimbursement.

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Application Form

NCKU OA Journals APC Subsidy Service Application Form

Articles of receiving subsidy

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These guidelines are enacted in Chinese, which shall prevail in case of any discrepancy between the English translation and the Chinese original.

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