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Administration Division
Library general affairs、Library occupational safety and health and environmental protection affairs 65700  admdiv@libmail.lib.ncku.edu.tw
Acquisitions and Cataloging
Material Acquisitions, Donation, Exchange and Cataloging 65710  em65710@email.ncku.edu.tw
Periodical Subscription & Management, Microform Collection Management, Inter-Library Loan, Documents Delivery
Collection Management and Circulation Services
Borrowing & Returning, ID Card, Study Carrel, Group Study Room, Library Tour, Art Gallery, Stacks Management, Search Services for Missing Books 65760  em65760@email.ncku.edu.tw
Knowledge Services
Reference Services, E-Resources Consultation, Library Instruction, Research Impact Analysis & Researcher Identity Service, Open Access Article Processing Charge Subsidy Service
Information Technology Services
Institutional Repository, Library Network, Information System, Computer Equipment, Digitalized Thesis Uploading
Library Extension Services
Library promotion activities and exhibitions, Library tours, Library programs for University Social Responsibility, Library Art Gallery、Library Conference Center.
Medical Library
Medical Resource Management and Service

7-5120  medref@libmail.lib.ncku.edu.tw

Medical College
06-2353535 5120
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