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The purpose of service

The purpose of the service is to encourage researchers to publish articles via open access journals, which accelerates the academic development and enhances international visibility. NCKU Library provides several open access journals article processing charge (APC) discounts and subsidy services for researchers.

# Subside/Discount (sorted by alphabet) Publishing APC Discount
1 NCKU Library OA Subsidy All publishiers are included NTD 30,000/50,000
2 ACS OA APC Discount (★2024New!) American Chemical Society(ACS) Free
3 BMC OA APC Discount BioMed Central、SpringerOpen 15% off
4 CSHLP OA APC Discount Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press(CSHLP) Free
5 Elsevier OA APC Discount Elsevier 15% off
6 IEEE OA APC Discount Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers(IEEE) USD 1,596
7 IOP OA APC Discount (★2024New!) Institute of Physics (IOP Publishing) Free
8 PNAS Immediate OA APC Discount Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America(PNAS) USD 4,975
9 RSC OA APC Discount (★2024New!) Royal Society of Chemistry(RSC) Free/15% off
10 RUP OA APC Discount (★2024New!) Rockefeller University Press(RUP) Free
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