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Service Objects

Academic, artistic, and cultural exhibitions or speeches approved by the Library

Service Hours

During the Library’s opening hours

Application Process
  • Please go to the University’s E-campus Administrative Affair System to submit an application and email the activity plan to the Library.
  • Applicants should complete the reservation registration two weeks to two months before the intended use. In case of scheduling conflicts with the events held by the University or Library, the University or Library shall have priority.
  • Student clubs of the University applying to use this venue should submit the approved activity consent form or activity plan from the Office of Student Affairs Office of the University, and the same applies to changes.
  • Before applying, please check the exhibition/event calendar and call the Library to confirm the available time slots.
  • For use by on-campus units or faculty/staff clubs, the principle is that no charge will be incurred. However, if fees are charged from participants or if there is external funding support, a venue usage fee should be paid.
  • Student clubs of the University using the venue space should follow the relevant subsidy application procedures for venue usage fees outlined in the “National Cheng Kung University Directions for Subsidies for Funds for the Use of Assembly Venues by Student Self-governing Organizations and Clubs of NCKU”.
  • Charges are calculated in four-hour units, for less than four hours will be charged for four hours.
    Book shelf area Exhibition events only On-campus unit Off-campus units
    1,500 3,000
    Platform in the center Lecture events 1,000 2,000
    Exhibition events 800 1,600
    Peg Wall area Exhibition events only 1,500 3,000
  • The full usage fee should be paid in one lump sum at least seven days before the date of use, or it will be deemed as giving up the reservation made.
  • For any unit hosting events that require library staff attendance and support, such as lectures, workshops, film screenings, post-screening discussions, book launches, etc., in venues other than the Conference Center during weekday evenings or on weekends, an additional fee of 1,000 NTD per session will be charged.
  • 1. The use of this venue space shall be handled in accordance with the “National Cheng Kung University Library Guidelines for the Management of Venue Space of the Library”.
  • 2. The unit borrowing the venue should designate one dedicated personnel on-site to communicate with the Library staff and be present intermittently during the exhibition and event period for supervision and inspection.
  • 3. Setting up the venue or posting promotional materials should be carried out after obtaining prior approval from the Library.
  • 4. Violation of any of the following may result in the immediate termination by the Library of the current venue usage rights:
    • (1) The use of a destructive drilling method in venue setup that leads to damage to the Library’s original walls, floors, or other structures.
    • (2) Unauthorized expansion of the exhibition area during setup, affecting pathways and rights of other readers.
  • 5. Personal belongings, equipment, and materials should be properly guarded by designated personnel. The Library bears no responsibility for any loss or damage.
  • 6. After the exhibition concludes, the dedicated on-site personnel is responsible for conducting an inventory and returning the venue and all equipment and materials used to the Library’s staff (or administrators). Any dirt, garbage, waste, or items not belonging to the Library resulting from the venue’s use should be cleaned and removed on the same day, and the venue should be restored to its original condition.
  • 7. Moving or installing various equipment and tools without prior permission from the Library is strictly prohibited. If improper use leads to damage or loss of facilities, it will be handled according to the “National Cheng Kung University Library Rules for Reader Violations”.
  • 8. During the exhibition construction period, please minimize noise and avoid disturbing other readers. If improvement is not observed after being reminded, the borrowing rights for that unit will be terminated after the conclusion of the exhibition.
  • 9. For events such as opening ceremonies, interviews, speeches, etc., please notify the Library in advance to facilitate the preparation of microphone equipment and the creation of activity sound notice boards for other readers. If not notified in advance, the Library reserves the right to safeguard reader rights and decline the holding of an opening ceremony.
  • 10. Events involving food and beverages such as tea parties are not permitted in the LibRE.
  • 11. If the applying unit is unable to use the venue, it should apply to the Library for the cancellation or postponement at least seven days before the reserved date. Applications not submitted within the deadline will not be accepted by the Library, except for cases where the inability to use the venue is due to natural disasters or force majeure.
  • 12. In case of a violation of any circumstance outlined in Point 10 of the “National Cheng Kung University Library Guidelines for the Management of Venue Space of the Library”, the Library reserves the right to immediately terminate the applicant’s right to use the venue with no refund of fees. The applicant’s right to apply for borrowing the venue may be suspended for one year, and in severe cases, the matter may be reported to the University for further action or legal prosecution.
  • 13. Adherence to the designated usage time is mandatory, and occupation of the venue beyond the scheduled time is prohibited. Extensions may be granted for special circumstances with the Library’s approval.
  • 14. If the Library has an urgent need to use the reserved venue space, it may notify the borrowing unit at least 7 days prior to the reserved date to cancel the use and coordinate to re-schedule a later date and time. If postponement is not possible, the Library shall refund the venue space usage fee paid by the borrowing unit without interest, and the applicant may not seek any other compensation or reimbursements.
  • 15. The Library reserves the right for further review. Please call 06-2757575 Ext. #65793 or email to for any queries.
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