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Service Recipients

NCKU Faculty members, staffs, students and users that have permissions for renewal services.

Application Method
  • Users that can apply for renewal for materials approaching the due date through Discovery System:
    • 1. NCKU faculty members, staffs, students and retirees: The maximum borrowing period for the same book is 360 days.
    • 2. NCKU Alumni: The maximum borrowing period for the same book is 120 days.
    • 3. NCKU Library honorary friends, members, volunteers, continuing education credit classes and temporary workers: The maximum borrowing period for the same book is 42 days.
  • Users under the circumstances below cannot renew the materials online and must proceed to the first floor circulation desk to process or return the materials:
    • 1. The material has been reserved by other users.
    • 2. Number of renewals for that material has exceeded the limit.
    • 3. The user has overdue materials or records of unpaid overdue processing fees.
    • 4. There is a note in the system or a message from the library intended for that particular user.
  • Procedures for renewing online are as below:
    • 1. Open Discovery System.
    • 2. Select “My Loans”.
    • 3. Enter ID number and password.
    • 4. Select “Loans”.
    • 5. Tick materials for renewal, multiple selection is available.
    • 6. Select “Renew”.
    • 7. Verify the successfully renewed list.
  • Users are not required to return the book immediately if the material borrowed is overdue and neither reserved nor reached the maximum number of renewals allowed. The user or a representative can approach the circulation desk at the library or pay the overdue processing fee online. Once all processing fees under the respective user is settled, a librarian can renew the material. However, if other overdue materials have reached their maximum renewal limit or have been reserved by other users, the materials must be returned before proceeding with the renewal of other overdue materials.
Important Notice
  • Renewal can be processed 3 days after the material has been borrowed. The new Loan period is renewed based on the original loan period.
  • Please check the due date of materials in “Loans“ after completing the renewal process to protect the user’s own right and interest.
Service Policy
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