• Ruminating in the deep, as the sunlight slowly seeps.
  • Lamps illuminate the dark, as the mind is calm not stark.
  • -Prayer and Meditation Space

In response to the diverse cultural backgrounds and beliefs of our student body, NCKU Library has undertaken its first interfaith space renovation in over 20 years. The transformation involved repurposing the sofas on the northern side of the third floor, resulting in the creation of a dedicated 'Prayer and Meditation Space.' This newly designed area not only exudes an aura of elegance and minimalism, fostering a serene and tranquil environment that offers respite from the pressures of daily life, but also serves as a sanctuary for interfaith prayer. We warmly invite you to explore and embrace this tranquil haven.

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Opening Hours

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Usage guidelines

This space provide individuals to carry out activities such as diverse belief prayers, meditation and stress relief. Please abide by the various usage rules and the following guidelines of the library, and kindly respect other user’s personal space.

  • No reservation is required. For individual use only, groups of more than three are not allowed.
  • Remove shoes upon entering and place them on the shoe rack. Please practice good personal hygiene habits and maintain cleanliness of the space.
  • Please do not use the space if your body or personal belongings emit strong odors that may affect other users.
  • Please refrain from lying down, sleeping and reading. Please engage in quiet conversations if necessary.
  • Avoid making noise and loud sounds or use items that may do so, example: typing on laptop or others.
  • If the space is unable to satisfy your needs or makes you feel uncomfortable, Please readjust yourself (be considerate of others) or leave the space.
  • Please take your personal belongings upon leaving and return the space’s equipment to its original state
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