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Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) provides APC waiver to some of journals. This means that your meaningful publications can be shared widely and accessed easily around the world for free. You can find more details on the website of RSC.

Journal List
Title Online ISSN Year APC Waived URL
Digital Discovery 2635-098X 2022-present mid-2024
Energy Advances 2753-1457 2022-present mid-2024
EES Catalysis 2753-801X 2022-present mid-2025
Environmental Science: Advances 2754-7000 2022-present 2022-present
Environmental Science: Atmospheres 2634-3606 2021-present mid-2023
Industrial Chemistry & Materials 2755-2500 N/A APCs currently waived
RSC Sustainability 2753-8125 2022-present mid-2025
Sensors & Diagnostics 2635-0998 2022-present mid-2024
Sustainable Food Technology 2753-8095 2022-present mid-2025
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