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Service Targets

NCKU faculty, staff, and students.

Regulations for Recommendation
  • Recommended Contents:
    • Chinese and foreign-language periodicals.
    • Technical reports.
    • Newspapers.
  • Principles for Recommendation:
    • One patron can recommend only two Chinese periodicals and one general foreign-language periodical at most during a semester.
    • Academic foreign-language periodicals can only be recommended by respective departments.
    • Technical reports can only be recommended by respective departments.
    • The recommendation of newspapers should be assessed prior to subscription.
    • Recommended materials will be assessed by the Periodical Section before subscription.
    • All recommended periodicals should correspond to the collection policies of the Library.
  • Methods for Recommendation:
    • Academic foreign-language periodicals and technical reports should be recommended by respective departments.
    • To maintain the practicability of current periodicals, the renewals should be reviewed every year. Deletions or additions to current periodicals should be discussed and passed by respective departments.
    • The purchase of back-issue periodicals will be based on the department’s recommendations and budget.
    • Please use the “Suggest a Purchase of Library Materials” for recommendation of general Chinese and foreign-language periodicals as well as newspapers. The Library will forward the recommendations to related units.
Service Policy
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