Accessing the Library  Borrowing and Returning Materials  Using Library Facilities Media Services
Q1:What kind of material can be borrowed?

Ans.:Most of the library materials which can be borrowed are books; other collections are for library use only (periodicals, multimedia collections, thesis, technical reports, microform, etc.).
Please refer to Borrowing Services and Returning.

Q2:How to borrow materials?

Ans.:Please refer to Borrowing Services.

Q3:How to renew borrowed material?

Ans.:Materials can be renewed under 'no reservation' and 'no overdue' conditions. The new due date will be 30 days after the renewal date, and each material can be renewed a maximum of 11 times.
Please refer to Renewal Services, Your Records.

Q4:Where to return the checked-out materials?

Ans.:Please bring back the checked-out material to the Circulation Desk during library opening hours. If the library is closed, users are advised to drop their books in the “Book Drop” box which is located at the west side of the building.
Please refer to Returning, Book Drop.

Q5:Can general public borrow the book?

Ans.:The general public, unless applied a one-year library card, cannot check out library materials.
Please refer to Library Card Member.

Q6:Can user borrow or return materials with other’s ID?

Ans.:It is prohibited to use other's ID card for checking out materials. User’s ID is not needed for returning.

Q7:What does user have to do if he or she lost the material?

Ans.:If library materials are lost or damaged, please contact Circulation Desk as soon as possible to prevent the overdue fine.
Please refer to Returning.

Q8:What will happen if the fine is not paid?

Ans.:Borrowers who fail to return materials within the loan periods shall be charged overdue fines, and will be suspended your library privileges.
Please refer to Returning.

Q9:Can reader check out thesis and dissertations?

Ans.:Thesis/dissertation is for library use only.
Please refer to Chinese Thesis Service.

Q10:How to borrow the course reserve books?

Ans.:Please bring your campus ID and come to the Circulation Desk for check out course reserve books. Course reserve books can only be borrowed by NCKU faculty and students.

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