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Q1:I am not affiliated with NCKU.  Can I use the facilities in the Media Center?

Ans.:The Media Center provides fee-based service to the general public.

Q2:When is the Media Center opened?

Ans.:Please refer to the Library Hours. Hours for the winter / summer vacation will be announced separately.Any particular announcement will be posted on the notice board and library website.

Q3:Does user allow borrowing Media Center's collections?

Ans.:General speaking, most of the Media Center's collections are not allow for checking out, unless it is for lecturing purpose. Lecturer can borrow three items at one time for 7 days, but those items are not renewable.

Q4:What kind of collections can be found in the Media Center?

Ans.:Media Center contains videocassettes, Digital videodiscs, laser disc collections, audiocassettes, audio compact -discs, slide collections, monographs, multimedia interaction CDs, new acquisitions and course-reserved materials. Media Center also provides the Video On Demand (VOD). The user can view the programs via campus network.

Q5:Does Media Center provide replicate service for the user?

Ans.:The Media Center does not provide material replicate service due to the intellectual property rights, and user is prohibited to bring in personal device for replicating audio/visual material.

Q6:Does user allow bringing personal audio/visual material to the Media Center?

Ans.:Most of the audio/visual materials are recorded with copyright for personal use only, for it is not advised to play any personal audio/visual material in the media center or public place.

Q7:How to reserve the group viewing room and auditorium?

Ans.:There are different rules and regulations for reservation:

  • Lecturers or advisor can reserve the auditorium for using the Media Center's materials to supplement the course instruction. Moreover, the audience group has to be 10 to 70 people.
  • Group viewing rooms can be reserved for movie showing, and the audience group has to be 3 to 15 people. Group viewing rooms can be booked on spot or made a reservation.
Q8:What is VOD (Video On Demand)?

Ans.:Video on Demand (VOD) is a Digital Audio/Visual System. The system can be plugged in with the internet browser through the campus network. Meanwhile, it allows multi-users to view the same programs at the same time.

Q9:What are the PC requirements for viewing VOD programs?

Ans.:The PC should be Pentium III or above, attached with 512MB RAM, Internet Explore 7.0 or above,sound card, speakers or earphones. The VOD functions in the WinXP/Win7/Win8 Chinese Operating System or the Mac Operating System; Fortunately, it support the "Mobile device system" at this moment.

Q10:Are special specifications needed for viewing the VOD programs?


  1. Users do not need to make any proxy setting to keep your connection IP within the NCKU campus IP range (140.116.*.*).
  2. For viewing Mp4 format programs, the user needs to download and install the flash player( ) at first, and then use the IE browser 7.0 or above to access to the VOD system. The department network security administrators have to open ports in Internet Connection Firewall to ensure that the programs work correctly. Call at ext. number 65794 to receive the information.

The local PC’s firewall and anti-virus software probably cause the VOD programs to work incorrectly.

Q11:Why can't the VOD programs be started?


  • Check that the IP address is within the service range, such as 140.116.*.*, and please do not use any proxy setting.
  • Make sure the flash player is installed properly.
  • Some programs can only be displayed within the library due to the copyright licenses.

If those settings are correct, but the VOD is still unworkable, then please check the networking bandwidth or connection ports with the connection provider.

Q12:Why are user ID and password required for accessing to VOD system?

Ans.:The VOD system requires user's ID and password for confirming use status and keeping usage statistic.

Q13:Are VOD personal ID number and password as same as those in WebPAC renewing system? Are the users able to change the password?

Ans.:If you are students, faculty and staff, please modify your password at Cheng-Kung Portal. The others please log in to modify your password or personal information.

Q14:Can NCKU alumni and family dependants access to the VOD system?

Ans.:Yes. For alumni, family dependants, NCKU library members, extension courses students, and walk-in users could login 'GUEST' to access VOD system on a fee-base at Media Center.

Q15:Does VOD system provide English version?

Ans.:Yes. Please connect to to login.

Q16:I live in students’ dorm on campus, can I access to the VOD system via campus network?

Ans.:Yes. Everywhere you are in NCKU, you can access to the VOD system through the campus network.

Q17:Can NCKU students, staff, and faculty access to the VOD system out of campus?

Ans.:Yes. All the NCKU students, staff, and faculty can access to the VOD system wherever they are. But only the ‘Global’ range programs (such as NCKU Distance Learning) can be viewed out of campus.

Q18:Does the VOD system provide the self-checking function to check user’s PC requirements?


Q19:Can I install any media viewing software, such as Power DVD, Real Player, to view the VOD programs?

Ans.:NO. The users need to install the flash player to view programs.

Q20:Can I download and save the programs from the VOD system?

Ans.:NO. All the programs are protected under the copyrightregulations, it is prohibited to download, save, and reproduce from the VOD system.

Q21:Why did the PC work incorrectly when I was closing the playing window?

Ans.:You have to press the ‘stop’ () at first, and then to close the window.

Q22:Can I find the VOD system operation instructions?

Ans.:Yes. You can find the online help on the top banner at .

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