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Paper-base periodicals
  • Colletions:
    We collect a wide range of Chinese and Foreign language paper-base periodicals.
  • Location:
    Current issues are display on the 2nd floor of the main library. Bound periodicals are compact shelved on B2 floor. E-journals are available in every floor.
  • For detail information of our collections, please search through Discovery System
    • Current issues of periodicals written in Chinese are shelved alphabetically by title strokes of a Chinese character on 2nd floor, Main Library.
    • Current issues of periodicals written in Foreign language are shelved alphabetically by title on 2nd floor, Main Library.
    • Current issues of periodicals written in Japanese are shelved alphabetically by Japanese title kana on 2nd floor.
    • Bound newspapers are shelved by language order on B2 floor.
    • Bound issues are shelved by the same order as mentioned above on B2 floor, Main Library. Bound issues share the same shelf number as current issues.
Electronic Journals
  • E-journals with full content are also available for school faculties and students.
  • Access to E- journals is authenticated by IP address. Authority will be issued to IP begin with 140.116.*.*, and our library appointed proxy.
  • The use of Library-subscribed e-journals is governed by license agreements negotiated between the NCKU Library and the publishers/vendors.
  • Patrons shall follow the regulations of the intellectual property rights and also those which have been set forth in the E-resources Use Regulations while using electronic resources of the NCKU Library. Any violations committed shall be dealt with according to National Cheng Kung University Library Rules for Reader Violations.
  • All paper-base periodicals are non-circulating. Please use the photocopier to copy the articles you need.
  • If you need to make a photocopy, please refer to the website
  • While moving the compact shelves, please make sure that no one else standing in between the shelf.
  • Unauthorized copying is forbidden.
  • Journal articles and other research materials not owned by NCKU Library can be borrowed through Interlibrary Loan Service. Please refer to the Inter-library Loan Service for more information.
Service Policy
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