2022 . 09 . 23       Adventure with Academic Tour Guides【Online Lectures for Research】Sep.- Oct. 2022.
  content       Let's Adventure with Academic Tour Guides !【Online Lectures & Courses for research & library resourses】on September & October in 2022.

(1) Tips from Experts: A Beginner’s Guide to Research.
Online Tutorials made and selected by librarians. → click here to view
You will learn:
1. How do I choose a topic ?
2. Where do I find information ?
3. How do I evaluate sources ?
4. How do I give credit to the ideas of others ?

(2) Professor & Expert Talks (LIVE & Video Lectures)
09/28(Wed.) 15:00-17:00 “Professor Talk: Simply enjoying physics, including space physics, leads to
[Lecture Webex link]
/ Distinguished Prof. Charles C. H. Lin
(Dept. Earth Sci./Associate Vice President for Office of International Affairs).

10/04(Tue.) 15:00-17:00 “Professor Talk: Standing on the Shoulders of Giants and Meeting with Synthetic Biology. ” [Sign Up]
/ Prof. Ng, I-Son (Dept. Chemical Eng.)

Video Lecture:“ Living and surviving in the academia: How to write your thesis without going insane.
/ Dr. Juan Alberto Ruiz Casado/ Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Dept. History, NCKU.(Yushan Fellow Porgram of MOE in 2021.) → click here to view.

(3) Online Courses (LIVE & Video Lectures)
EndNote Basics on Windows/Mac
09/20(Tue.)10:10-12:00 [Sign Up]
09/21(Wed.)13:10-15:00 [Sign Up]
Or you can watch video Lecture → click here to view

Turnitin (Plagiarism checker) instruction
10/07(Fri.)15:00-16:30 “for Teachers & TAs.”[Sign up]
Video Lecture:“for students.” → click here to view

SAGE Research Methods Database
10/19(Wed.) 15:10-16:10 [Sign Up]
11/07(Mon.) 09:10-10:10 [Sign Up…Coming Soon…]

This page only shows lectures in English, if you are interested in lectures in Chinese, please see this page.

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