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Service Goals

To provide patrons to use of the Library special collections and to take into account the task of properly preserving original documents.

Service for

All users.

Materials Scope

The collection items preserved at closed stacks in the Library Special Collections Room on the 2nd floor underground of the main building.

User guide
  • The special collections are preserved at closed stacks, and all items are non-circulating. If patrons wish to use special collections, they must fill out the application form prior using then wait for the approval of the Library; once approved, the applicant will be notified by the Collection Management and Circulation Services Division to access the collection items within the retention period.
  • How to apply and access
    1. Application for item access: applying online or visiting the library to fill out the application form, the applicant shall hand the form to the Collection Management and Circulation Services Division office on the 5th floor or the circulation counter on the 1st floor.
    2. The access time: when the application has been approved, the applicant may access the approved items from 9:30 to16:30 on Monday to Friday within the retention period; the items must be used at designated location and returned to the Collection Management and Circulation Services Division by 16:30 of the day.
    3. In case of special circumstances, the Library may change the access time after it is announced in advance.
    4. Retention period: after each application has been approved, the retention period is 3 days (excluding holidays) from the next day after being notified by the Library; if failed to access the materials before the deadline, it is considered waiver of right.
    5. Number of items to access: the number of items to be requested each time is limited to 10.
    6. All applicants who are approved to access of special collections items must bring valid certificates such as the NCKU ID card, student ID card, national ID card, driver’s license, health insurance card, teacher’s license, passport to prove your personal identity.
  • In principle, part of special collections originals are not available to access under certain circumstances, except for this university faculty and students who apply as special projects and are approved by the Library.
  • Anyone who wishes to photocopy the collection items shall be limited to using cameras, mobile phones and other equipment related to photography, and shall not be photocopied or reproduced in other ways that impair the originals, and shall comply with the relevant legislation on copyright and data protection.
  • Patrons must take care when handling the special collections materials and should comply with the 6th point rule of “National Cheng Kung University Library Guidelines for Use of Special Collections”.
  • The Special Collections Room is maintained at constant temperature and be placed camphor balls on the shelves to avoid bookworms, the favism patients are strongly suggested not to enter this room.
Service policy

National Cheng Kung University Library Guidelines for Use of Special Collections.

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