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Instructions for use
  • Colletions:
    • A wide range of print editions of Chinese and foreign language newspapers, as well as microfilms and newspaper databases are available for use.
  • Location:
    • Today and yesterday newspapers are stored at “Newspaper area” on 3F.
    • This month newspapers are stored inside the drawers at “Newspapers area” on 3F.
    • Bound newspapers are stored at “Bound newspapers area” on B2F.
    • The microfilmed newspapers are available for use at the “Microform Area” on 3F.
  • Type & Use:
    • Bound newspapers: Bound issues are available depending on the library’s space availability and fund. They are open-stack located and sorted by language.
    • Microform:Closed-stack collection, please contact the 3F Information Desk to borrow.(ID card is required for use and printing fee are required.)
    • Newspapers database: Eligible users are granted access rights to the electronic database for newspapers. Please login via the library’s Database system for use.
  • All paper-based newspapers are for library use only. Please use the photocopier to copy the articles you need. Please be aware that all duplications should comply with the copyright law.
  • If you need to make a photocopy, please refer to the website
  • e the microform reader-printer to print the microform materials. Photocopying is NT$3 per page for NCKU students and faculty, and NT$4/ per page for the public.
  • While moving the compact shelves, please make sure that no one is standing between the shelf. To prevent from being stuck between the shelves, please press down the orange-color safety sensor bar when shelf moves. Please treat public facilities with care. Should you require any assistance please contact the information desk.
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