2021 . 03 . 25       Webinar: Open Philosophies: Open Science Tools in an Open Research Ecosystem
  content       With the improvement of internet and communication technologies, the global academic research ecosystem is more transparent and faster than ever. The trend toward open science emphasizes the use of digital tools, online sharing, and collaboration so that scientific research results can be shared and accessed more openly and transparently.

In this webinar, Wei Jeng, Assistant Professor in the Department of Library and Information Sciences at National Taiwan University, will discuss the development and trend of open science as well as the tools that support the sharing of research output so it can be more easily reproduced. Also, Mike MacKinnon, Director of SaaS Innovation, will introduce the current mainstream open science sharing tools (such as: Code Ocean, Protocols.io, etc.)
Please join us.

•Date/Time:2021/4/15(Thu) 10:00-11:00

•Title:Open Philosophies: Open Science Tools in an Open Research Ecosystem

Wei Jeng | Assistant Professor at Department of Library and Information Science, National Taiwan University
Mike MacKinnon | Director of Saas Innovation at EBSCO Information Services

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