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Collection Management Division(KnowLEDGE)|Telephone(886)6-2757575 Ext. 65752 or 65756Email
Service Targets

All visitors and readers.

  • Please proceed to the Circulation Desk for all items lost or found in the Library.For the items lost and found in the KnowLEDGE, please contact the KnowLEDGE service counter.
  • The library staff will fill out a record in the “NCKU Library Lost and Found List” which shall be confirmed and signed by the finder/loser.
  • Upon receiving a lost property, the Library will contact the owner if any ID or contact information can be found. If not, or upon failure to contact the owner, a notice will be posted by the “Lost and Found” on the Library website.
  • Objects found can be claimed after the owner’s ID is verified and the claiming procedure has been completed.
Important Notes
  • When claiming for lost item(s), the owner should provide proper ID. Please check on the spot and sign for the item(s) to close the case.
  • Reporting a loss is the owner’s own responsibility.
  • If the lost property was confirmed stolen, the owner should report to the local police station. After the report, the police are required to issue an official document to school to obtain a copy of surveillance footage.
  • Please check the “Lost and Found” section on the Library web site.
  • All items found will be kept for six months, and then disposed of in accordance with relevant regulations.
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