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Functions and purposes

“The New K Hall” Learning Commons (named it “KnowLEDGE” by NCKU Library) is a “new place for learning”, located at first floor of the Dormitory No.3 of the University’s Ching-Yeh Campus(MAP). As a campus hub for student-centered learning activities, this venue is a shared or common space in which NCKU students, teachers and others can come together to interact, and participate in various kinds of learning activities held there. Aside from that corresponds with the “old K Hall” (a venue for students to engage in self-study at the old library compound), this also features different functions that turn a quite self-study place into a discussion and learning space with diversified purposes. The KnowLEDGE, as a new venue for knowledge construction, its space functions are listed in the following:

  1. Service for NCKU faculty, students and staff to encourage them to engage in a dialogue, discussion and creative learning.
  2. Service for all campus activities approved by NCKU Library to build a cross-over platform for interdisciplinary learning.
Service for

The KnowLEDGE is open to NCKU faculty, students and staff only. It is not open to the public.

Open Hours
  1. Semester Period: Monday to Sunday 09:00-22:00.
  2. National holidays and its deferred or bridge holidays are not open.
  3. Opening hours for winter or summer vacations will be announced separately.
  4. For special conditions, any adjustment to the opening hours shall be implemented after prior notice of the Library.
Interior space and equipment
  1. The KnowLEDGE could hold up to 100 persons. A variety of spaces are provided for individual and group study in the Commons (Floor plan):
    • Area A (Long tables area) equipped with 16 high chairs.
    • Area B (Discussion area B) could hold up to 30 persons, equipped with combination tables, chairs, and couch. Surfaces of wall cabinets are whiteboards.
    • Area D (Discussion area D) could hold up to 20 persons, equipped with tables, benches and low stools . Surfaces of wall cabinets are whiteboards.
    • Area E (Wooden stairs) allowed to sit on the stairs and be used together with Area D for activities.
    • Area F (Wooden stages) equipped with 20 tables and seats.
  2. Provide projectors, wireless microphones and 150-inch projection screen (W305cm x H334cm) for activities.
Access and activities application guide
  • Access to the KnowLEDGE Learning Commons is controlled by a door access system using ID card. The NCKU faculty, students and staff should scan personal ID card either issued by the University or the Library for entry.
  • For use of activities, please login and make a reservation on Library Space Management online System. Its application terms and conditions are in the following:
    1. For each activity, it is allowed for the groups of 20 to 30 people.
    2. Allowed reservation time is from 10:00 to 21:30 daily. For same time period, only allow for one reservation, and each time shall not exceed 4 hours.
    3. Allow to make a reservation within 6 months’ time period; however, same applicant is only allowed to make a reservation up to 5 times maximum in a year time period (January to December). Reservation shall be made 14 days prior using at the latest. After approved by NCKU Library, we shall allocate the reservation by the order of registration time.
    4. The applicant must proceed with borrowing procedure with personal valid ID card either issued by the University or the Library within 20 minutes of the scheduled reservation time at “KnowLedge” service counter.
    5. For any reasons, applicants who cannot use the Commons as scheduled time should cancel the reservation before the scheduled date; if the applicant fails to cancel it, the Library will cancel this reservation and also give the applicant one violation point as per “National Cheng Kung University Library Rules for Reader Violations”.
  • Please contact Collection Management Division (extension: 65752 Miss Chen or 65756 Miss Lin) 2 working days (8:00 to 17:00, 12:00 to 13:00 lunch break) ahead of the reserved date in person or by proxy to confirm the use of the venue, and the applicant should assist the staff to set up equipment and testing an hour before the event.
Important notice
  1. Please do not park your motor or bicycle at parking lot for Dormitory No. 3, Ching-Yeh Campus.
  2. Please respect other people’s equal user rights, do not occupy seats.
  3. Please do not bring food, alcoholic drinks, prohibited items, and pets inside.
  4. If there is a reservation for activity, it must be taken as priority. The Library shall proceed with reserved area site-evacuation and preparation procedure one hour prior to the reservation; other people shall be relocated to other areas accordingly.
  5. Please safely secure your own personal items, belongings, books, and equipment…etc. Our venue does not bear any responsibility for any loss, and will proceed with daily clearing after closing.
  6. In order to maintain all users’ rights, we shall check NCKU ID card at any time, and all users shall comply with the request. For those who do not hold ID card, use another person’s ID card, use forged ID card or alteration of ID card, must leave immediately once discovered, and shall be penalized according to “National Cheng Kung University Library Rules for Reader Violations”.
  7. KnowLEDGE is a space in which NCKU students, teachers and others can come together to discuss here.While interactions and group discussions are encouraged, please keep the voice down.
  8. The activity applicants should contact the Library prior to posting activity event poster at the KnowLEDGE.
Service Policy
Gate Discussion area B Discussion area D/Wooden stairs
Long tables area Wooden stages area Wooden stairs area
Related information
  • Location: 1st Floor, Dormitory No. 3, Ching-Yeh Campus, please click MAP.
  • Floor plan.
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