2017 . 12 . 25       KnowLEDGE quiet reading room opened from December 26
  content       Respond the students’ needs for self-study, the Library set up a quiet reading room with 60 seats on "KnowLEDGE" 2nd floor.
Welcome the NCKU students to use the quiet reading room. Kindly be reminded to follow the following matters:
1. Swipe your NCKU ID card when you get in and leave.
2. Do not use laptops or other items making noises that cause disturbance in quiet reading room.
3. Respect other people’s user rights, please do not occupy seats. Leaving seat for more than 30 minutes which is to regard as seat occupation, will be given one violation point. In addition, the personal belongings left on the empty seat will be removed and collected to service desk on 1st floor by the Library staffs or student assistants without any safekeeping responsibility.
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