Coverage and Features

The Video on Demand (VOD) provides users to view/listen some of library visual/ audio materials across the web, for example Discovery programs, Studio Classroom, Public TV programs etc.. The NCKU VOD system has been updated to new version, this new version provides the following functions:

  1. [New Media]: provide the newly uploaded programs.
  2. [Top 10]: the users can check the hot programs over last month, 3 months and 12 months.
  3. [Topics Media]: the users can view the programs with special topics such as ’Language learning’ and ‘Explore Discovery’’, which are selected and defined by Media Center librarians.
  4. [Teacher Select]: the users can choose the professor's appointed films here.
  5. [Home]: users can view the audio/video programs about NCKU, including the state of the art of NCKU campus, academic activities and lectures from "Topics Media" item.
  6. [Search]: users can search the programs by cross-field keywords, title keywords, author keywords, subjects, uploaded dates and any word in abstracts.
  7. [My Bookmark]: this function allows every user to add up to 20 favorite programs in their accounts. The login users can click ‘My Bookmark’ icon on the left frame to play the favorite programs.

Please find more details on VOD system’s website.

How to Access to the System
  1. Link to VOD website
    Please click the icon ‘GO’ on top right page to link to VOD website.

  2. Login to the system
    NCKU faculty, staff, and students, please type your NCKU ID number and the password as same as in the WebPAC renewing system. the user can change it at HERE.
    Alumni, family dependants, NCKU library members, extension courses students, and walk-in users could login 'xxxxx' to access VOD system on a fee-base at Media Center.

  3. Play the VOD programs
    Due to the copyright constraints, the VOD programs are categorized according to the license agreements. You will find the following icons as listed in column ‘Range’ on the result list pages.
    'GLOBAL' indicates this program can be viewed within the NCKU campus IP range 140.116.*.*, or via Internet when you are off campus.
    'NCKU' shows this film can be viewed within the NCKU campus IP range 140.116.*.*.
    'LIB' allows the program viewed in the Main Library only .
  1. Please don't make any proxy setting to keep your connection IP fixed within the NCKU campus IP range (140.116.*.*). Please set as following steps if you use IE 7.0 or advanced version:
    【Tools】→【Internet Options】→【LAN】→【NO Proxy】→ click【OK】and it is done!

  2. The department network security administrators have to open ports in Internet Connection Firewall to ensure that the programs work correctly. Call at ext. number 65777 for further information.

  3. The local PC's firewall and anti-virus software probably cause the VOD programs to work  incorrectly.

  4. The users are prohibited to download or reproduce the programs from VOD system.

  5. Please find the Q&A about VOD system on FAQ.
Contact Us
  1. Call at extension number 65794 or e-mail to for accessing to the VOD system.
  2. For network or firewall setting, please call at extension number 65777.
Last updated 2014-04-30